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"DISCOVERY - Unlocking the Mystery of God", is a Christian based 4-day Vacation Bible School curriculum program for children.  This is a DOCTOR WHO themed program which contains a LEGO brick film short mini series; 4 video's that serve as the main event.  One video lesson/story per day of the event.

The topic of the curriculum is to establish who God is in regards to how he has revealed Himself to man along with His purpose to rescue any soul desiring His hand.

The curriculum also includes 4 days worth of:  Crafts, Games, Bible Lessons & Snacks for your class sessions.  The brick film series is additional.

The curriculum is not yet ready for purchase.  Tentative release is late summer 2018.  All material is digital PDF plus the 4 video shorts (about 10 minutes each) provided with link or USB mail out.

As with most kits, this package does not have to be limited to a VBS event; you can use it as a Sunday School-Kids Church mini series.

Brick Film:

These 4 videos are made with LEGO (stop-motion animation).  Doctor I. Am (The Great I Am), takes Emily Pond and Captain J on a time travel journey in order to share historical times in which He revealed himself to mankind in order to create an opportunity of salvation to whomsoever will.  However, going back in time can be risky.  The Doctor's friends and mechanical side-kick K9, find out that saving souls is not always as easy as it looks especially when the enemy finds them in their travels and attempt to mess up the time line in Biblical history!

Watch as they travel to visit Moses at the burning bush, the highlight of the 1980's and two other era's.  

It's all about knowing who God is and your kids making that connection!


The content for your class sessions are designed to take 15 minutes each on a rotation basis with the entire attendance gathering back in the main sanctuary for the viewing of the film shorts.  

The 'Bible Lesson' class teaches more in depth in correlation to that days brick film.

All Crafts and Snacks are DOCTOR WHO themed.

Look for sample images on the BUY CURRICULUM page once the kit is ready for distribution.


We accept Paypal or we can send email invoice via Square(accepts most any credit/debit card).  Your PDF will be Mail Dropped to you promptly after donation.  You will have the option to receive a USB of all 4 video shorts or choose to use the link/password for online videos.

VBS Promo Trailer
Meet the Cast of the LEGO Brick Film
Doctor I. Am
"The Great I Am"
Emily Pond
Time And Relative Direction Against Sin
Cyber Soul
Captain J
Weeping Soul
VBS Promo Poster
With donation of your "Discovery VBS", we would love to custom create a 11x17 promotional poster for you at no cost!  Poster will look just like this but we will need your logo, date, place, time, social media and any other pertinent information.  We can also edit bullet points if needed.  Be sure to request this after your donation along with the information.  Poster will be emailed as a PDF.

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“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

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